Eero Bunny is the result of a self-directed exercise to try and utilise a a variety of media to illustrate a rough storyline.  It is based on the exercise of “try drawing a banana in every different type of media you can think of”.  Banana?…..I can do better than that!  This is a little wordless story of a toy bunny who sees planes flying in the sky and then dreams, designs, builds and tests a plane of his own….

Eero Bunny

Adobe Illustrator

original small

Coloured pencil – Polychromes


Ink and watercolour

Rabbit OilPastels

Oil pastels

box plane


Eero Mixed Media 2 copy

Pen and Adobe Photshop

Rabbit SoftPastels

Soft pastels


Graphic pen

Eero chute copy

Pen and Adobe Photoshop / photo manipulation (own photo)

IMG_0429 copy 1

Acrylic and mixed media collage

original small.jpg

2B lead pencil


Pen and watercolour wash