1. Ling Li’s Lantern Promo Sheet
  2. Ling Li’s Lantern Illustrator Notes
  3. Rudderless – an analogy
  4. Global Crisis – Inktober 2019

Download 1: Ling Li’s Lantern Promo sheet

Soon to be released in 1 September 2020 is Ling Li’s Lantern, written by Steven Heron and Published by MidnightSun Publishing. Ling Li’s Lantern is a Chinese-culture inspired picture book about caring and the essence of true wisdom.  The story is set in a Chinese village and is about a young girl and her two older brothers who are entrusted with some money and sent on a quest by their father, Da Zhi.  Through the story we see how wisdom can be expressed in many ways but ultimately it is Da Zhi’s daughter Ling Li, who lights the way. MidnightSun editor and managing director Anna Solding says: Ling Li’s Lantern reminds us that sharing what little we have is more important than accumulating material things.

You can download from here a promotional pdf for the book that can be distributed for marketing purposes.  Copies of the books will hopefully be making their way into bookstores by September by you can pre-order through New South Books (


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There is also a video promo available for download here that can be distributed (11.3Mb) or a link to a Youtube version of the promo

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Download 2: Ling Li’s Lantern Illustrator Notes

To accompany the release of Ling Li’s Lantern, I have produced a set of Illustrators Notes that might be of use for teachers and teacher-librarians.  This helps show the process of research and development that goes into creating a book like Ling Li’s Lantern.

Ling Lis Lantern Illustrator Notes

Landscape Art influencesHoliday phot influencesCAD modelling

Download 3: Rudderless – An analogy

I wrote Rudderless in 2019 prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.  I highlight that point in time specifically because it was written at a time when I felt here in Australia we were not facing too many trials or pressures and it was my firmly held position that this environment is a dangerous one for developing Christian apathy.  In an easy life we stop relying on the daily presence of our Creator.  We rely on ourselves more each day and forget where are true power comes from.

In some ways I also wrote Rudderless for the recently lost – those who have drifted.  Perhaps it can be used to gently remind loved ones or people we know who have found themselves rudderless and no longer relying on the power of God – our wind – to once again consider raising their sails and heading for home.

This publication is free for use and distribution but not for commercial resale.

Rudderless ©unfolddesign

Rudderless 0 Cover


Download 4:  Global Crisis e-zine

Click the link below to download my Inktober 2019 “Global crisis” e-zine.  This is a free publication and I encourage you to use it to spark conversations and change.

It is free for distribution and re-publication, but not for re-sale.

Inktober 2019 Unfold Global Crisis E-Zine

Inktober 2019 Cover page