Download 1: Rudderless – An analogy

I wrote Rudderless in 2019 prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.  I highlight that point in time specifically because it was written at a time when I felt here in Australia we were not facing too many trials or pressures and it was my firmly held position that this environment is a dangerous one for developing Christian apathy.  In an easy life we stop relying on the daily presence of our Creator.  We rely on ourselves more each day and forget where are true power comes from.

In some ways I also wrote Rudderless for the recently lost – those who have drifted.  Perhaps it can be used to gently remind loved ones or people we know who have found themselves rudderless and no longer relying on the power of God – our wind – to once again consider raising their sails and heading for home.

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Download 2:  Global Crisis e-zine

Click the link below to download my Inktober 2019 “Global crisis” e-zine.  This is a free publication and I encourage you to use it to spark conversations and change.

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Inktober 2019 Unfold Global Crisis E-Zine

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