“Peter and the Wolf – An Australian interpretation” is a piece created for the USYD Children’s Book Illustration course, run by Donna Rawlins and Wayne Harris.  It included a storyboard development of the classic Prokofiev musical story and two “finished” pieces.

I set the story in Depression-era Australian industrial town on the edges where is merges with the countryside.  It seemed to me that a setting like that came the closest to a sense of place that may resonate with the traditional Eastern European setting.  Not having wolves in this country, however, I had to engineer a reason for a wolf to appear.  In character, it is somewhat inspired by Jeffery Smart’s work.

Peter&Grandfather true size.jpg

Peter is found by his grandfather.  Peter and the wolf (2006) – Acrylic on watercolour paper.  I have always wanted to redo this page as I know Peter’s face is not right….not right at all.

This was my first development of a storyboard and while it was a real challenge it was one I enjoyed immensely.

I had big plans for this concept – it seemed a great opportunity to combine a CD recording of the music (performed perhaps by the Sydney Youth Orchestra) and I was 100% sure I wanted David Wenham to do the narration.


Peter Cropped