Hopping around the Christmas tree was a challenging project that really pushed my watercolour skill and knowledge.  Published by Scholastic, “Hopping” is now part of their staple of Christmas books that come with a CD (in this case a re-working of the old song “Rocking around the Christmas tree” performed by the great Colin Buchanan.

I have to admit that while I was very happy with most of these illustrations there were some that i just never felt were ever good enough.  And above all, I found the cover a huge disappointment.  It had been decided that for the cover I needed to draw/paint individual characters and their in-house designers would arrange them.  The reality of this for me, however, meant the quality of the watercolour fell flat for the cover and i really did not like it.

Perhaps related to this, I was also sad to see absolutely zero marketing for the book being done.  So in the end, despite some great illustrations that I’m proud of (particularly these ones attached) it is not a book I feel very strongly about.

Pages18_19 Dancing 23FEB18Pages 12-13 Wombats copy copyPages 10-11 CrocsPages 6-6 Cockatoos