Written by Andrew King

Published by Little Steps 2017

Engilina, Engibear and Bearbot are back to build transport for the future – a new maglev train that will run from Munnagong to Billaburra as fast as a plane. During the project, they discover an old steam engine which leads them on an interesting journey and creates an unexpected link to the past. Travel with them on this tale of trains, teamwork, technology and time…

0_COVER_final4_5 Launch_final6_7 Planning_FInal8_9 Discovery_final10_11 Restore_final12_13 MAC TEAM_FINAL14_15 Planning Setup_FINAL16_17 Workshop_FINAL18-19 Moving_final20_21 Planning 2_final22-23 Wheels_final24_25 Fuel_final26_27 Planning 3_final28_29 Carriages_final30_31 controls_final32_33 Idea setup_final34_35 Piggyback_final36_37 Journey_final38_39 Ending_final0_Front Endpapers Munnagong 1938_final