I was delighted to be asked if I wanted to present a piece on Ling Li’s Lantern for CBCA’s new online monthly web presentation, Story Scoop. Story Scoop is for teachers, librarians, kids and adults who love books for kids and are curious about their creators and characters. Each month authors and illustrators give a sneak peek into their inspiration, creative choices, artwork and the story behind their stories. Invite your friends and colleagues along and we will mix it up each month with three segments including; Illustrators Corner, Picture Book Nook, Junior Fiction Gems, Middle Grade Magic and Sneak Peek.

I used the concept of Inspiration as my theme. Inspiration means how do we come up with our creative ideas?  What inspires someone  – like me – to create the illustrations for a book like Ling Li’s Lantern.  Where does inspiration come from?  How do I choose what pictures to draw and what style to draw them in?

I went to the Chinese Gardens in Darling Harbour to do some of the filming.