I recently entered a graphic design competition to create a Privacy Trustmark logo – to become a brand-recognition icon that indicates that this particular product meets the privacy Commissioner’s seal of approval.

I entered 10 into the award – and am yet to find out if any of them become the winner.  There was also a “People’s choice award.”

Logo design is a particularly enjoyable exercize – how to refine and distill a concept into a singular recognisable shape, image or graphic.

Through consultation with privacy experts in the industry, I refined a few key “privacy” symbols – the most obvious being that of a “lock” or padlock.  other symbols used included ticks, eyes and fingerprints.  Added to this, I tried to find some particular New Zealand imagery to mix in with the symbols.


Entry3_Fingerprint_soloEntry4_Document v1_soloEntry5_Document v2_soloEntry6_PrivacyCommissioner_soloEntry7_Eye_soloEntry8_Kiwi_soloEntry9_Binary lock_soloEntry10_SilverFern_soloEntry1_Friendly_solo