One of the best reasons for getting on to the 52-week illustration challenge train is to try out some different styles and mediums.  In many ways however, this could actually be a massive distraction – especially for someone who has yet to even define or develop what my style could be or should be.  Am I diluting my chances to establish a “me” look or widening my horizons to whatever illustration opportunities may come along.

I look at what others are doing – constantly thanks to Instagram and the like….another form of distraction – and I feel I really need to work on a “look” – but it just doesn’t come naturally.

This week’s challenge was “ocean” and apart from not really being sure of what i wanted to do, I was stuck for time even (surprise surprise).  I’ve missed one week so far (Movement….must get back to that, as I’m determined to have something for each week)

So I went for a more “graphic” look with a lot less hand-detail.  I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the result.  It was rather unplanned – the closest I got to planning this one was staring at a postcard my cousin-in0law sent me with lots of different deep-sea fish profiles)  it made me think of 50’s type illustrations – and off i went.  I used a vector (pen) tool rather than a brush to make the shapes and then did lots of copying.  It was really quick!  And I think it turned out well.