Had a great day today at the Writers in the park festival, held at the Residences at Centennial Park.  Thanks so much Susanne Gervay and all the wonderful organisers at SCBWI.  Yes it was a little damp, quite muddy (like Woodstock for kids) and a lot windy – but fun nevertheless.


I was installed at the Illustrators table for a chunk of the afternoon, where I was able to encourage kids to do some robot drawing and together we built a….well… somethingbot.  Engibear ‘s creation Bearbot certainly featured highly.


Madness but fun


Little friends drawing robots – good sign for the future.

I personally especially enjoyed catching up with friends Dale Newman and James Foley – both launching their new books Kidglovz and My dead bunny, plus making new ones – meeting illustrators Anna Pignatora, Gwynneth Jones and author Susan Whelan.

P1260983    P1270001    P1270008

P1260913   P1260911

L: Dale Newman, Kidglovz   M: Respect the zombies  R: Brad the zombie bunny                   L: James Foley  R: Anna Pignataro launching Being Agatha

Thanks also to Sarah Davies, Marjorie Crosby-Fairall, Margaret Roc and Andrea Edmonds.  BIG rap for Kidglovz as this is truly a magnificent work and epic work five years in the making.  Good luck to Dale and author Julie Hunt.

P1260970   P1260895

L: Susan Whelan   R: Dale Newman (left) and Marjorie Crosby-Fairall (right)

Once again – a lovely day and can’t wait to do it again next year (please get the weather sorted though next time!)