Following on from the enjoyable success of last year’s CBCA BBDO I was again really pleased to be invited by SCBWI to come along and participate in the BBDO this year.  At the SCBWI stall we had an “Illustrations in progress” table to show off some work in progress….although with all the chatting (and no small amount of spruiking) there really wasn’t much WIP happening.  It was lovely to be included in the mix with the wonderful work of Aura Parker (her upcoming book “Twigged” will certainly be worth watching out for when it is published next year) and the super-tallented Marjorie Crosby-Fairall as well as to catch up with other SCWBI and CBCA friends Deb Abela and Rachel McIntosh.  I also went a little “fan-boy” meeting the amazing Gus Gordon whose work I love.

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Deb, Gus, Aura and Marjorie (not my photos)

As for the WIP, it was nice while it lasted but difficult to “get into the zone” – but it was really really nice to speak to children and adults alike and once i got over the initial “Am I really supposed to be here” feeling it was surprisingly easy to do.

Engibear got quite the work-out and people always seem to be fascinated to see the progress an illustrator goes through to get to the finished work.  It is once again encouraging to me to see how many people are drawn to the books and I even got to sell a few (not sure that was the done thing, but no-one slapped me on the wrist so alls good.

P1260729 P1260728

The girls enjoyed it too, Solveig inviting a school friend along.  She also got to get a book signed again by Jacqueline Harvey.  It has been a big weekend for us all, as today came straight off the bat from organising and running the CPC Fete yesterday so I’m super-pooped.

P1260726 P1260740

Looking forward to the “Writer’s in the Park” event in two weeks time.