My CBCA Book Week 2015

We have seen the 2015 CBCA book week come and now go, and finally I can stop and take a breath (been a busy few weeks).

Just to start I must say a big Congratulations to Freya Blackwood who managed to scoop the CBCA pool this year with three awards.  Just beautiful work and so emotive.  I’m very jealous.

I had three events on this year, the main one being an Illustrator and Writing workshop, run by Rachel McIntosh of CBCA Sydney West.  I was invited to run an illustrator’s workshop for a group of selected children from the Camden area.  The great Susanne Gervey and Edwina Wyatt ran the writing courses.  Each of the children attending had won a writing or poster-illustrating competition to be involved which really added to their commitment and attention.
CBCA_Narrellan P1260453

Me, with Susanne Gervay, Edwina Wyatt and Rachel McIntosh

Using Engibear’s Dream, I ran through the various steps of illustrating, then at the end we turned that over to get them to illustrate their own page of the seminal book “Where the wild things are” by Maurice Sendak.  We broke it down into character-development, text placement and page layout.  They really got into it and produced some brilliant work – which I will have to post later as I got formal agreement from the estate of Maurice Sendak but have to wait for the official letter to arrive.

It was a full day and the combination of both writing and illustrating workshops worked well.

CBCA_Narrellan P1260457

CBCA_Narrellan P1260462

CBCA_Narrellan P1260466

CBCA_Narrellan P1260467

The second event was a very simple presentation to year 3 at Strathfield North Public School (SNPS), also using the “Where the wild things are” exercise.

Then for the final CBCA Book Week event, this week I was invited to present the making of Engibear to Cromer Public School – where Rob Smerdon of the NSRU Alliance’s daughter goes to school.  I did 4 sessions (would have been 5 except for a fire-drill that they needed to run).

Engibears Dream RGB