I have just found out I have been selected as a finalist in the BIG (Bologna Illustrator’s Gallery) for a picture I submitted from Engibear’s Dream.  I am really pleased – Engibear will be in Bologna in a few ways, as “Little Steps” will also be there promoting the next book “Engibear’s Bridge” in a 50% finished mock-up form.

What do these promotional events mean to me?  After all they are far away on the other side of the world and I’m not there.  However, I think it is wonderful to know people are both pushing my work (and recognising my work) – especially as I don’t have the time to do so myself.  For Engibear, both the Author Andrew and I believe there is a big international market for it – so we will continue to try and get the name out there as much as we can.  “Engibear’s Bridge” will be another opportunity to do just that.

Thanks to all who are doing that on my behalf:

Peter Whitfield and Rebecca McRitchie from Little Steps/New Frontier

Christopher Cheng from SCBWI Aust East/NZ