It’s always nice to finish a project – especially if it has hung around for waaaaaaay too long being neglected.  But book#2 of the Skool Rox series “Hogging Harriett” is now finished and sent off.  Publication may take a while – but it is out of my hands at least.  That just means my deck is clearer to move on to the next two projects – one big and one small.

Illustration as a side-project to maintaining a full-time job is a tough balancing act.  I mean – it is such a labour-intensive love that has to be slotted into the rest of life.  I was discussing today whether I could take on Commercial Illustration as well.  I could technically, but it just isn’t sustainable.  If I were to move into the Commercial world it would impose commercial-type deadlines.  And that is something I couldn’t maintain.

So instead I just move slowly from one project to the next.  Coming up is a small early-reader called “Mike the Spike” and I’m really looking forward to get into the next Engibear book “Engibear’s Bridge”